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ini adalah contoh personal letter

Bandung, 5 November 2017
To my beloved friend, Aurora.
In Paris

          Hello Aurora, How are you today? Hopefully you are fine. It's been a while since you left me here alone, huhuhu so sad. My family and I here are missing you a lot.
          How is Paris? I guess it's very beautiful. Winter is coming soon right? Ah, I really want to know how the winter is. But, most Importantly, please wear warm outfits and don't get sick.
          And how about your college life? Is it run smoothly as you expected. I guess you will be the best in the class because you are the smartest one haha. Oh, By the way I will be starting my study in January. I'm very excited about it, because it is the first college class. I take English Education as my majority.
          Okay, I think that's all for now. I want to hear everything about your new life in Paris. Please don't forget to reply my letter! See you and good luck~

With Love,
  1. Who writes the letter?
  2. For whom the letter is written for?
  3. When is the letter written?
  4. Where does the writer write the letter?
  5. What is the season in Paris when the writer writes the letter?
  6. When will Miya be starting the study?
  7. What does Miya take for her major study?


By the letter above, write a reply for that letter by your own language.

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